Professional Committee

  • Learning and Innovation Committee

    It mainly carries out various activities such as learning salons, corporate visits, business cases, and theme forums to solve the management problems, improve the management capabilities, and promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of small
  • M&A Reorganization Committee

    The SMEs M&A and Restructuring Committee is committed to strengthening exchanges between listed companies, industry head enterprises and small and medium-sized innovative enterprises and professional service organizations, and conducting professional and
  • Legal and Risk Control Committee

    The SMEA Legal and Risk Control Committee is focuses on the establishment of legal and risk control systems such as corporate intellectual property rights, legal rights protection, taxation and property insurance planning, and provides solutions. Through
  • Investment and financing committee

    The SMEA Investment and Financing Committee is matches the innovative projects to industrial investors and professional investment institutions. Through promoting policy guarantees, bank-enterprise cooperation, corporate bond issuance, and government stab
  • New Third Board Special Committee

    The SMEA New Third Board Special Committee is mainly based on the current implementation of China's New Third Board policy, it helps to solve various problems encountered by SMEs in the process of listing, such as corporate system, management structure, a
  • Golf Committee

    The SMEA Sunshine Golf Team was established in 2010 and consists of entrepreneurs who love golf. Through the monthly competition, it strives to continuously improve the overall level of the team, and also becomes a platform for mutual exchange of friendsh
  • Charity Committee

    Charity Committee(SMEA Sunny Baby Charity Foundation) it established on the basis of the 2012 “Program for Children with Hematologic Malignancies”, and the Shenzhen Charity Association·SMEs Charity Fund was established in 2014, which is aimed at providin
  • Photography Committee

    The SMEA Photography Committee is composed of entrepreneurs who love photography and art. They actively carry out various photography and art exchanges, theme salons, photography lectures, practical creations and other photography activities. The aim is t
  • Sports Committee

    The SMEA Sports Committee Adhering to the concept of " spilling sweat and condensing friendship " .And actively carries out spotrs such as basketball and badminton.Member entrepreneurs can relax their body and mind after work, strengthen their body in sp
  • Meditation and Health Committee

    The SMEA Meditation and health Committee is organizes activities with the theme of meditation and health. Through the simple cognition and summary, it provides inspiration and helps to relax the mind and body, so as to reach a higher level of life.

Association Introduction

The Shenzhen SME Entrepreneurs Association (hereinafter referred to as SMEA) was established on September 20, 2010. Guided by the Shenzhen SME Service Bureau, it was a non-profit social group with independent legal personality initiated by some entrepreneurs of the Advanced Business Administration Seminar in Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, and Sun Yat-Sen University.

As a family of learning, friendship, health and development, SMEA has more than 3,000 registered entrepreneurs. The member enterprises are engaged in smart manufacturing, financial investment, information industry, new energy, biomedicine, education technology, logistics supply chain, chemical technology, medical health, construction engineering, industrial parks, corporate services and many other industries.

With the purpose of “unite the SMEs to share resources and create value”. SMEA aims to promote strategic innovation and value growth of SMEs, promote the high-quality development of SMEs in Shenzhen, and build a platform with high-quality service, team spirit and influence, for SMEs in the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macao district.

  • 2010 Founding time
  • 3000+ Member Enterprises
  • 30+ Listed Company

President Unit

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